• Positive Milling Action
    Milling action takes place by (2x3) 6 stationary blades and 20 / 24 rotating blades.
  • Long Lasting Blades
    Stationary & Rotating blades are made from High Chromium & High Carbon Steel. Stationary Blades can be used 4-times and Rotating blades 8-times by shifting position before regrinding them.
  • Safety and Controls
    Operators safety is guaranteed by electric limit switches provided on moving parts. Entire controls of shredder is through electric control panel with PLC and amprometric sensor for automatic adjustment of hopper thrust which avoids stressing of the electric motor.
  • Robust Bearing Assembly
    The extremely robust bearing housing are mounted on structure of Lump Shredder & are designed in such a way to prevent dust and dirt ingress into the oversized bearing ensures long life and minimum maintenance.
  • High Operational Reliability
    The continuous movement of material inside hopper is ensured by a pusher, which moves forward and backward. The movement is controlled by two hydraulic cylinders connected to power pack, the power pack has a pump with pressure switches, pressure gauges, flow and pressure regulators.
  • Specially Designed Screw Conveyor Trough
    Material coming out of calibration screen into screw conveyor is given a proper route by optimum design of screw conveyor same can be bagged very easily to minimize losses.