Per capita consumption of plastic in the world is increasing day by day. More and more products are being packed in flexible packaging, which are fast replacing conventional packaging materials like paper, jute, cloth, glass, metal tins etc.

Amongst the various polymer used for packaging has distinct advantage due to excellent clarity, barrier properties, strength, rigidity and being non-toxic is suitable for packaging food, drinks, oil and other innumerable consumer and industrial products eg.

  • Bottles for mineral water, soft drinks
  • Edible oils, shampoo, liquid soap etc.
  • Jars for household and pharmaceutical.
  • Thermoforming sheets for blister packaging.
  • Multiplayer films, sun control films for automobiles.
  • Fibers, stapings, pallets, carpets

The packaging trends show that PET is taking the world by storm, whether it’s films, fibers, returnable or non-returnable bottles. Each year over 5 to 5 million tons of PET are processed worldwide to make bottles only. This is happening due to increased consumer concern for health.

The quantum of PET being used for consumer packaging clearly shows that recycling PET has become an essential factor since the material is bio non degradable and the various issues related to environment protection PET is a material of valuable and high class quality therefore making recycling indispensable.

HMC has developed a special recycling technology especially for PET bottles used for packing mineral water, aerated beverages, and any water soluble, lighter material. The PET RECYCLING PLANT developed by HMC us simple PET recycling without chemical additives; only clean cold water is used for cleaning of surface.